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Phundo is a AMFI-registered mutual fund distributor built for people who refuse to settle for average investing. People who demand better. People like you.

Why Choose PHUNDO

PHUNDO is a platform that harnesses the power of technology and combines it with a human touch. We use algorithms to sort through the large spread of mutual fund products and identify those that will meet the aspiration and needs of people. For example, promoting a solution is very different in comparison to promoting a product.

When we talk about solutions we address the long-term goal a person wants to meet, downside risk protection of the selected mutual fund schemes, diversification of the portfolio and the ability of the individual to save a portion of his income every month without having to put a strain on his or her current lifestyle.

The motivation to present a model which seamlessly provides the solution of investing on a simple platform linked to the transacting capabilities (RTAs and payment gateways) with an online feature of allowing investors to track their investments gave birth to the idea of PHUNDO.

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Your Best Interest Is Ours Too

No Lock-in

We offer only open ended schemes in our algorithms. All the schemes has a great track record over 10 year+.

No Charges

We don't charge any subscription fees for our clients. Its absolutely free.

Expert Advice

We believe our rigorous fund selection process differentiates from others in the industry. This process yields superior results for our clients over the long term.

Paperless Investing

We take the hassle out of investing, by bringing everything online, right from opening an account to investing, tracking performance, and redeeming.

Watch Review

I am first time investor in Mutual Fund and thanks to PHUNDO my investment transaction was so smooth on their platform. I did not have the plan to select the schemes of my own PHUNDO goal plan suggested me everything based on my input. Thank you for making my Financial Goal smooth

Sudha S

Digital Marketing

I have earlier invested in Mutual Fund schemes through various distributors and i was always worried how to execute different transaction from different people thanks to PHUNDO now i can monitor all my transaction on one place at the same time i can execute my external transactions here.



I never knew investing in Mutual Funds was so easy and effortless until i explored PHUNDO platform. I am happy and excited that my first savings from my salary invested in Mutual Funds through PHUNDO platform

Punith Krishna

Tax Consultant

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read offer document before investing. Past performance does not indicate future returns.