World Investor Week – 9th to 15th October 2023

The Securities Exchange Board of India, SEBI, is conducting World Investor Week focusing on Financial Education and Empowerment.

Invest in Mutual Funds

Today we are living in a world filled with aspirations. About 30 years ago nobody bothered about owning a car or taking a car to work or sleeping in an air-conditioned room or washing their clothes with washing machines and television was a luxury so was having a telephone connection. Children walked to schools on their own and the education was not expensive which bothered any parents. Joint families were existent. The bank deposit rates were higher than the inflation that matched with the low aspirational living expectations.

Currently, we live in a world of aspirations; not having a car or not sleeping in an air- conditioned room or children walking to school is unheard of. The families have split creating nuclear families leading to old-age insecurities. The desires have become countless and the cost of education has spiralled to new highs and the bank deposit has consistently failed to beat inflation.

The growing aspirations have organically pushed the common people to seek investment instruments that are beyond the traditional instruments and taking risk has not remained to be a choice, but a necessity.

You have been our esteemed investor having invested in mutual funds which has proved to be a long-term wealth creator by offering a hedge against rising inflation and increased aspirations. We hope that you are having a good experience of being a mutual fund investor.

If you have invested in mutual funds without specifying any goals such as investing for retirement, children's higher education, children's marriage or for general wealth creation, please do get in touch with us for a review and restructure of your existing investments. You should keep in mind that 20 years from today a retired couple would need approx. Rs.4 crore retirement corpus. Let’s check your preparedness.

On the occasion of World Investor Week, we recommend the Five Pillar Strategy for being successful investors. Always invest with GOALs in mind; give TIME to your investments; display DISCIPLINE after investing; have PATIENCE without panicking; and have FAITH till the very end. Be a well-informed investor and reap the benefits of a growing economy through equity mutual funds.

Always assure you of our best services. TEAM PHUNDO

Mutual funds are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document and contact your advisor before investing


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