4 Types Of Insurance Everyone should have

Life throws many surprises.While we can’t stop these things but we can give our lives a bit of protection.Each one of these covers a specific aspect of your life and each one is very critical to your safe financial future.


Life is uncertain and untimely death of the key earning member can lead to financial risks to surviving family members, the simple solution is the transfer the financial risk to an insurance company. In case of untimely death of the key earning member of a family the insurance company would compensate or reimburse the sum assured to the legal successor which would offer lifeline to meet future financial needs of the family. The premium commitments are the lowest compared to other traditional insurance plans. Phundo offers you the simplicity of assessing your life risk, just enter your monthly income and check the ideal sum assured you would need to protect your family in case of death. Phundo’s expert team has devised this calculation exclusively for you to simplify your life insurance needs




Hospitalization due to accidents and/or illnesses can eat into your life’s savings if you are not adequately insured. Would you prefer breaking your fixed deposit to meet hospital bills? Would you pledge gold to raise cash to meet hospital expenses? Would you borrow to pay the hospital? No need, you can buy a health insurance plan that meets yours and your immediate family members’ hospitalization expenses. Phundo’s expert team has put together the sum insured amount you would require to meet hospitalization emergencies.


Your home and household products can be insured for a nominal premium. You can insure your home against theft, burglary, natural calamity such as damage due to lightening, fire, earthquake and floods. Even in case of a gas explosion your home can be financially covered for damages. Consumer home products such as television, refrigerator, washing machine and such other products can be covered for damages that are not done wilfully. Insuring your home products is inexpensive and easy.




Every year when it is insurance renewal time you might be receiving plenty of sales calls from several insurance companies asking you to insure through them and you get annoyed and also confused. The premium charges to vary from company to company and you are not sure whom to trust and which is the right insurance to choose. Phundo offers you one-stop solution for your two- wheeler and four wheeler insurance with best and comparable quotations and also timely and reliable claim servicing. Buying insurance is not important, you may buy from anyone, but remember, you will need a reliable person who can assist you at the time of a claim.

Insurance is an expensive and certainly takes a larger chunk out of your budget, being without it could lead to financial ruin.So plan it sensible and plan it early.

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