June 2019

Building a goal is no rocket science. A goal is a mother of all necessity. Here are 4Ds to building a SMART financial goal :

1) Discipline

SMART investors stay the course. They cut out the noise and clutter and focus at the task on hand – meeting their goals. John Templeton once said “Don’t gamble. Buy some good stock. Hold it till it goes up…and then sell it!” That’s the hallmark of a SMART investor.

2) Diligence

SMART investors hire diligent advisors. Diligence is all about persistence and passion. When ensuring achieving a goal, diligent advisors evaluate, review and analyse the funds in the investors’ portfolio. Then they either stay the course or proactively suggest changes.

3) Deliverance

Diligent advisors know the difference between fund managers and SMART fund managers. Consistent deliverance of returns in a SMART investor’s portfolio achieves the goals quicker. This is a skill developed by SMART fund managers.

4) Delightful

Finally, SMART investors once they reach their goal, have a delightful life ahead. Their money has now turned into SMART money. SMART money keeps working while SMART investors sit back and relax!

Disclaimer: Mutual funds are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document before you start investing.


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